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Where does the abnormal noise of the electric chain hoist run?

PUBLISHDATE:2016-12-02 VIEWS:914

Electric chain hoists often have many faults during operation, and are often accompanied by abnormal noises. The position, level, and sound of these sounds differ depending on the cause of the fault. When overhauling, you need to listen more and see more, and you can use or fail. Sonic features, determine the location of the sound, find and repair faults. Where do these noises occur?

1. Abnormal noise occurs on the control loop.
The noise emitted by “哼” is generally a fault in the contactor of the electric chain hoist (such as bad contact of the AC contactor, inconsistent voltage level, stuck core, etc.), and the fault contactor must be repaired. It must be replaced promptly. After the treatment, the noise will be eliminated by itself.
2. The motor emits abnormal noise.
In this case, stop immediately and check if the electric motor of the chain hoist is single-phase operation, or the bearing is damaged, the axis of the coupling is not correct, and the “broom” and other faults are caused. These will cause the motor to have abnormal noise and different noises. Different levels and sounds are different. In single-phase operation, the entire motor emits a regular "squeaking" sound; if the bearing is damaged, it will produce a "cockroach" along with the bearing near the bearing. When the axis of the coupling is not correct, or if the motor is slightly swept, the entire motor emits a very high "click" sound, sometimes accompanied by a sharp and harsh sound. Should be based on the sound of different, find faults, item by item overhaul, restore the normal performance of the motor, when the motor fails to deal with, should prohibit the use of electric chain hoist.
3, abnormal noise from the reducer.
Decelerator failure (such as reducer or bearing lack of lubricating oil, gear wear or damage, bearing damage, etc.), then should stop the inspection, first determine the reducer gearbox or bearing before use whether the use of lubricating oil, use Whether or not the lubricant is regularly replaced, if not lubricated as required, the reducer will not only produce excessive “click” noise but will also excessively wear or damage the gears and bearings. Some people think that if the speed reducer is temporarily not added or lubricating oil, it can still operate without severe failure. This is not the case.
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