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The high-end series of domestic bridge cranes account for a very high proportion of value and sales

PUBLISHDATE:2016-12-02 VIEWS:1071

In recent years, it has been the most rapid development of the lifting machinery manufacturing industry. More and more crane machinery equipments have been recognized and entered the international market. However, the share of bridge cranes in the major hoisting equipment exported every year is increasing continuously. As far as the domestic crane market is concerned, the demand for high-end bridge cranes is still very large. Especially in recent years, technological innovation has continued, and the high-end series of domestic bridge cranes account for a very high value and sales ratio. This has led to the sales of the entire domestic bridge crane, and the development of the crane industry has ushered in new opportunities. Due to the fact that the country has not paid much attention to the crane industry in the past, the crane companies' eagerness for quick success and instant benefit has heavy weight in terms of mainframe, light components, and quality compared to foreign cranes. Now, the state has begun to pay attention to the development of the crane industry, and domestic bridge cranes have obtained a more favorable development environment with the support of national policies. Moreover, bridge crane companies should also increase their investment in scientific research and pay attention to improving the quality of parts and components. While producing high-quality bridge crane parts, the bridge crane supporting program was developed and industrialization links were made. At the same time, bridge crane companies should pay attention to handling the relationship between short-term interests and long-term interests in the development and take a long-term perspective.

Of course, bridge crane companies can also make customized non-standard and personalized lifting products according to the needs of buyers, with a purpose and purpose to meet the market demand. Compared with foreign crane companies, China's bridge crane companies should apply their advantage to the after-sales service of lifting products while occupying a good geographical advantage. In terms of transportation, China's bridge crane companies can consider using faster and better services and caring for product upgrades to gain advantages for domestic cranes. In the end, domestically-made bridge cranes can continuously enhance their own competitive strength, and they can create more advantages for themselves when competing with foreign bridge cranes for the market.