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China's cranes need to learn what aspects abroad?

PUBLISHDATE:2016-12-02 VIEWS:1037

China's cranes have been blindly pursuing the growth of production capacity, but they have paid little attention to technological innovation and patents. In the face of the great challenges in the international market of construction machinery, we in China should also think calmly and draw lessons from foreign marketing concepts. When it comes to the concept of engineering machinery marketing in China, it can be said that there are great differences between countries such as Germany, Japan, and Germany. As China's construction machinery industry is gradually shrinking, various problems in the industry are gradually exposed. I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with German machinery manufacturing. In the face of problems such as the development of crane industry and market growth, Germany is not impatient at all and has always maintained a calm and calm attitude. Germany's construction machinery products have a great competitive advantage, but it is not the same as China's price advantage. Germany has always been a leader in the world engineering machinery industry with its innovative mechanical technology and global service system. Many countries believe that the arrival of globalization will make high-wage Germany no longer comfortable. However, German cranes have maintained their own development advantages in the globalization wave and returned to the traditional economic model.