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Lift-sliding PS...

Lifting speed: 4.0-5.0m/min; Transverse speed: 7.0-8.0m/min; Lifting power: 2.2KW-3....

NO :400-999-7169



Operating principle:

          There are two parking spaces on the upper and lower floors. Each parking space has a loading plate. The lower parking spaces can be traversed. The last parking space can only be lifted and lowered. The lower parking spaces have a vacancy. The vacancies can be changed with the traversing of the loading plates. The upper vacancies are loaded. The car board descends to the ground, allowing the vehicle to enter or exit, to achieve the purpose of parking, and the lower deck can be directly driven in or out to achieve the purpose of parking.

Use characteristics:

       It can be used in basement or floor space with a height of no less than 3.6 meters. The site construction is highly applicable, effectively saving land and space, low construction cost, convenient maintenance, and optional electric drum and wire rope.

, motor reducer chain and other driving methods. With anti-cold roof, anti-collision protection function, P.L.C intelligent control, easy to operate and access the vehicle quickly.